Healthcare Freedom!

Find the Freedom in your healthcare plan you deserve.

Healthcare Freedom!

Plan Design From Start to Finish.

Design your plan from the ground up.  Only putting in what is most important to your group.

Plan Design From Start to Finish.



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What Our Clients Say

“As a result of changing our health insurance plan to G&G  and Tall Tree, we have trimmed 17% of off our health insurance expenses without decreasing health care coverage for our employees or their dependents.  At a time of rapidly exploding insurance costs and great uncertainty in the insurance industry we are grateful we are able to provide our staff with top notch benefits at a cheaper rate!”

– -Kip Wilson -

“Becoming self insured has enabled us to cut our costs by about 50%.  The plan options are similar to the coverage option we had before. Offering our employees excellent medical, dental and vision coverage.”

– -Wayne M -

“We were introduced to a partially self-funded insurance program to offer our employees an excellent coverage plan with no premium increase. Our initial up front savings were substantial as we were expecting a possible increase of 20-30% from our fully-insured plan.  Since we switched to the new policy, our savings has been approximately $35,000 for a group of about 150 employees. We have had no increase of premium to our employees with an increase in coverage. I would strongly recommend this program.”

– Linda C. -