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What is ACA or PPACA (Healthcare Reform)?Partial Self-Funding

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been and will be the number 1 concern for employers who offer a healthcare plan.  Now that is has been implemented, we are starting to see the effects it’s having on the Medical and Insurance community.

With the actual piece of legislation being over 1000 pages it can begin to feel overwhelming for an employer to make the right chooses.  To make matters more frustrating additional mandates, changes, and clarifications to the law come out on a weekly basis.  Understanding the implications and what steps an employer needs to take is critical to being in compliance.

At G&G and Associates we have taken the guess work out of the equation, and have become the ACA experts our clients rely on.  We will gladly provide you with a number of resources to enhance your understanding of this complicated law Please : Contact Us and or send us an email and put in the subject line request for ACA compliance information.

What Can I do About it?save money on healthcare

There are a number of option employers can take to make sure they are both in compliance AND taking full advantage of their options.  We specialize in helping employers take every advantage they have available to them.  In many cases groups with at least 10 employees on the plan can take advantage of our Self-Funded Healthcare solutions.  See our page under Employer Solutions for more information.  An employer taking advantage of this option will greatly enhance their choices and reduce potential pitfalls.

In the past 15 years G&G and Associates have implemented Self-Funded Healthcare for many companies and in that time has retained every single client.  That’s a 100% retention rate in 15 years! 

It really does work that well.  If you are interested in saving money and gaining more control, let us know and we will show you how: Contact Us