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Life Insurance and AD&DPartial self-funded

Providing your employees an opportunity to participate in Group Life insurance can be a tremendous benefit for your group.  In the insurance business we often hear about tragic circumstances that become even more devastating when it is found that an individual is under-insured, or worse– without any coverage at all. This is especially sad when it is the family’s primary bread winner.  

Group life insurance benefits are strongly recommended by G&G and Associates as part of the Non-voluntary and voluntary benefits package.

When choosing a carrier to help your business with this very important benefit it is critical that you have the very best information on what is available to your employees and what the cost of this benefit will be.  At G&G and Associates we take pride in the fact that we have a full knowledge of the Life insurance market both group and individual.  Rest assured that you will be given the best options and service available.

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