Can a Wellness Program really benefit my employees?

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Wellness and wellness programs have become buzz words in the Healthcare industry, especially in the last 12 months. This stems from an increase of data that has become available to validate their usefulness.

It is said that for every 1$ spent on a wellness program by an employer the return on investment (ROI) is $3.  The truth is we could spend hours debating the accuracy of this.  At G&G and Associates we’ve done the leg work for you and can recommend a wellness program that will benefit both your company and your employees.

Wellness programs come in many sizes.

Things you want to consider consider in a wellness program:

  1. What is the desired outcome?
  2. Will both the employee and employer see a benefit?
  3. How will we measure the success of the program?
  4. Will the employers ROI be both Financial and humanitarian?
  5. What programs can my agent show me that will have the desired outcome?

The truth about Wellness!

There are many variables to consider with a wellness program. The main beneficiary in terms of lower health plan utilization of a properly placed and functioning wellness program is the Healthcare plan provider.  What this means to the average company that is without a Self-Funded Healthcare plan is their carrier will be the financial benefactor.  Sure there will likely be a decrease in sick related absenteeism and an increase in work productivity which is huge, however the fact remains the carrier will be the biggest financial benefactor.

In order to truly understand how the wellness program will effect and lower the cost of healthcare, the company has to be participating in a Self-Funded Healthcare plan. 

Let us show you how easy it is to change your group to a Self-Funded Healthcare plan and truly take advantage of a wellness program, click this link to learn more:

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